The Attorneys at law of DEVERAKIS LAW OFFICE

Stelios N. Deverakis is a graduate (1976) with distinction of the Athens Law Faculty with a Master's degree from the University of Southampton, U.K. (1977) and a professional practice certificate (EYLS) from King's College, London, U.K. (1980).

He advised on litigious and non-litigious matters in selected areas mostly linked to international shipping.

He corresponds in Greek and English.

From October 2012 he is based in Edinburgh, U.K.

Presently, in October 2017, he has ceased all new legal advisory or representation business in Greece, preparing for retirement within 2018.

Iro Bei is a graduate of School of Law, University College London, U.K. with an LL.B. (2003) and an LL.M. (2004). 

She practices and advises on sale and purchase of vessels, shipbuilding contracts, ship-finance matters, incorporation of companies in several jurisdictions and general corporate matters of listed (in the U.S.) and private shipping companies.  

She is a member of the Athens Bar Association (2008).

She corresponds in Greek and English.  

From April 2017 she has joined the legal practice of MAJOR & GROVE International Law Offices, which is based in Piraeus, Greece.

The Office has ceased all its operations in April 2018 due to the retirement of Stelios Deverakis. Ms Iro Bei is continuing her own professional legal practice, as noted in the Contact Details page.

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